The Soundgarden

The Soundgarden epitomizes the genre-bending spirit of their eclectic record label, worldwide events, mix compilation series and bi-monthly radio show, curated by Nick Warren. The imprint has put out releases from some of the most exciting producers in the world today, as well as some of Nick's personal favourites. Here are the latest releases from The Soundgarden:

Black 8 & Arrab - sandwaves

The Soundgarden continues to discover music in the most unusual places and for a busy touring DJ like Nick Warren, the real pleasure of this is seeing his selections unite audiences all over the world. Black8 and Arrab’s...

Sebastian Busto - Between Us EP

The Soundgarden begin their 2018 season with a powerful 4-tracker EP from Sebastian Busto entitled Between Us. Opening with the emotional deep houser ‘The Life We Deserve’ Sebastian paints an elegant audio...


Argentinian DJs and producers Alejo Gonzalez and Max Blade collaborate with this fine three-tracker on Nick Warren's superb The Soundgarden imprint. The...

Upcoming The Soundgarden Events

The Soundgarden events are always some of Nick's favourite shows of the year. You can find the dates of our next events below - but, be sure to check back regularly, as we add new events throughout the year:

The Soundgarden Miami, 2018

Follow Us on SoundCloud

We upload all of our releases to our SoundCloud page, as well as all of my bi-monthly The Soundgarden radio shows. Give them a listen:

Our Amsterdam Dance Event Party

We teamed up with Sudbeat to bring The Soundgarden to Amsterdam Dance Party in the form of a special boat party. Check out our highlights video:

After-movie from Ibiza 2017